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Article authored by Attorney Jeff Gray

Bailey & Dixon attorney, Jeff Gray, has authored an article recently published in the Campbell Law Review.  Relying on his knowledge and experience practicing administrative and regulatory licensing, and state government and legislative lobbying, Gray provides a cogent defense of occupational licensing in an effort to show its benefit to society.

Occupational licensing, and the boards that regulate those licenses, have been the target of a nationwide deregulation movement.  The arguments against licensing and regulation have made it all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.  The opponents of the regulation of occupations and professions are many, and loud, and until recently the defenders’ voices have not been heard.

In his article entitled, “In Defense of Occupational Licensing:  A Legal Practitioner’s Perspective,” Gray rebuts the arguments against licensing, and the studies showing it is harmful to individuals and the economy, and offers numerous reasons as to why licensing is beneficial to society.

Shortly before the publication deadline, a report released from Oxford Economics, a global forecasting and quantitative research organization, bolstered a number of the arguments Gray makes regarding the benefits of licensure.

The article may be found at:,edu/clr/vol43/iss3/6/



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